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This young, fun Chicago transplant called us after she relocated to her Broad Street apartment.  She moved this custom-built bar cross-country as it was made by her father and she wanted to keep a piece of home with her. It was our job to make a wine-tasting room with the bar as the heart & soul of the space.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a huge fan of reds or yellows so this room was a bit of a challenge. That is, until I found this incredible damask wallpaper to anchor the bar & provide a bit of Southern flair above the traditional chair rail. 

Along one wall, we organized & hung a gallery wall incorpating some of our clients' favorite pieces as well as a few new additions. Cream, soft gold & brass accents added dimension to our tablescape without competing with the deep, rich reds. 

Church Hill


Wine Tasting Room


Church Hill

Richmond, Virginia



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