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This project hits close to home. . . quite literally! I met my husband's boss & wife at a social event & started talking about all things design. Needless to say, I was hired on the spot for their home 'refresh.' I partnered with my fellow designer & friend, Julie Nobles Design, for this special project in the Riverdowns neighborhood.​ Our design for this home was focused on uplifting family heirlooms & treasured art pieces with bold colors & modern styling.


Their adult lounge got the full treatment - a complete update. We pulled some of the colors from their vintage artwork & oriental rug into the furnishings. Dark blue walls gave the room a moody feel while letting the reds pop. Carefully placed wall sconces ensured that their favorite painting stays the focal point of the space. Decorative mirrors help reflect the light to keep the room feeling bright.

For the remainder of the first floor, we added updated lighting fixtures, curated accessories for their bookshelves, custom drapes & swivel chair as well as a fresh sitting area in their family room. The design for this space was centered around a bespoke Turkish patchwork rug. Together we hand-selected each pattern for a one-of-a-kind look. We commissioned accent pillows in corresponding prints & colors to ensure they don't compete with our unique design feature.

Design Collab


Home Decor Updates, Entire Home



Midlothian, Virginia



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