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tilden studios

is named after my oldest daughter, Tilden, who carries on the family tradition of embracing the creative spirit & as a tribute to my mom who was my inspiration for all things design. . .

about me


Hi, I’m Gabrielle [gā·bree·elle]

Art has always been my passion and was influenced by my mom. I remember when she turned my sister’s bedroom into her art studio when she went to college. She had different stations for her sewing machine, stained glass window-making table, an easel for making pastel pieces and a corner for drawing. She would invite me into her studio to teach me how to draw. After that, I would spend hours in my bedroom drawing people & learning how the details of the shapes aligned. I learned how to create expression by changing the shapes and the orientation of a smile line or the way someone's eyes crinkled to show a caring gaze.


When I was 10, she let me pick out wallpaper & furniture for my room & I remember thinking that was the most exciting thing. I loved to take a pencil, ruler, and graph paper and design a home layout. . . accompanied by drawing the face of the house with columns. I imagined I would make a happy home for the people I had drawn. What I love about art is the ability to express myself visually and create images that organize and tell a story. I use my love of art today in my passion for interior design.  

I have always been a stickler about my home being neat, tidy and beautiful. I feel that having my home in such a way connects with inner peace and brings organization in the other elements of my life. I believe that the home should be a grounding spot for rejuvenation and is essential for being happy. I also feel that a happy home should be very personal and I like to create this atmosphere from client’s favorite pieces, whether they have a favorite piano or a passion for the outdoors. I like to center custom designs around each individual's passion. 

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