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change in seasons, change of decor

I'm a summer gal at heart so the change of seasons is always a bit of a challenge. I have a hard time adjusting to the cooler, shorter days. I prefer to be outside in the sun! And, if you know me, you know I'm not a huge fan of reds or oranges.. so this season can tend to clash with my #design style. Don't get me wrong, I love a good Brunswick stew after enjoying a family walk... but instead of farmhouse-inspired pumpkins & apple memorabilia, I lean towards more #clean, modern & #natural design elements.

When thinking about transitioning my home for the chilly nights ahead, I am searching for the feeling of #coziness. Looking for some more modern #seasonal inspiration? Check out some of my favorite #accessories below:

1. Natural Hide Rugs

I especially love layering rugs for a more luxurious look with added texture!

This look was featured in a recent project in Forest Hill. Read more about the design project & inspiration here.

We recommend the Pewter/Gold option as a great neutral to match a variety of colors & spaces.


2. Voluspa Candle: Copper Clove

Voluspa Candle in Copper Clove
Voluspa Candle in Copper Clove

We couldn't agree more with this review: "This candle has a subtle scent, so if you are looking to be knocked out by Pumpkin Spice, look elsewhere. I get some fresh apple and spice in this scent. I am sure that like all Voluspa candles this one will be long and even burning. It is gorgeous, with an embossed glass top to match the container. It coordinates beautifully with the Copper accents in my kitchen!”


3. Over-sized Vase w/ Dried Plants, Flowers or Grasses



Want something very natural? You can also pull in some foliage from outside for a layered look. Be careful of anything with seeds or you can have a mess on your hands!


4. Front Door Color Change

A warm fall color which will pair nicely with a white, cream or beige exterior.

A true black that looks nice with blue & gray exteriors as well as classic brick homes.

In order for your front door color to coordinate with your home, you should assess your main exterior and shutter colors. The color you select for the front door should have similar undertones & warmth/coolness. Also, if you have deep red bricks anywhere on your home, a coral door will not look nice. Go for a deep blue or black door.

Need help determining warmth & coolness? Contact me or a paint specialist to help guide you!


5. Oversized Blankets

CB2 Channel Faux Fur Oat Throw

Anthropologie Buffalo Check Throw Blanket

I personally own the CB2 Channel Faux Fur Throw in both oat & navy - it is SO soft. It's also a great affordable gift for loved ones this holiday season!


I believe less is more... you want to choose a few key items that help with the transition. Take the time to condense & pack away summer gear. Select a few new pieces that bring a feeling of warmth & ease with their scent & texture as well as their overall look. Now, time to get nesting for the shorter days ahead!




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